Comparing Specifications of Surface Pro 4 i5 vs i7

Computer is considered as one of the most essential gadgets in this modern era. There are various types of computer that you can find on the market these days from PC to laptop. One of the most popular types of computer that you can find these days is tablet PC. Basically, tablet PC is the type of mobile computer that allows you to use this gadget anywhere you want. At a glance, tablet PC is quite similar with Smartphone but with bigger screen. Some people consider tablet PC as the combination between Smartphone and laptop. You can find various brands of tablet PC on the market these days. One of the most famous brand names is Surface Pro. Before you decide to buy this tablet PC, you might want to compare Surface Pro 4 i5 vs i7 so that you can get the best deal.

surface pro 4 i5 vs i7

Surface Pro 4 i5 vs i7 Comparison

Surface Pro is the tablet PC that is produced by Microsoft. The latest version of this tablet PC is called Surface Pro 4. Surface Pro 4 is available in various choices of specifications. Two of the most popular versions are Surface Pro 4 i5 and Surface Pro 4 i7. Comparing these gadgets will allow you to get the tablet PC that is suitable with your needs in easier way.

Specifications of Surface Pro 4 i5 and Surface Pro 4 i7

Basically, the specifications of Surface Pro 4 i5 and i7 are quite similar. The only difference is the type of processor that is used on these gadgets. The i5 and i7 refers to the type of processor that is used on these gadgets. The Pro 4 i5 uses i5 processor while Pro 4 i7 uses i7 processor. Based on their performance, the comparison of surface pro 4 i5 vs. i7 shows that the Surface Pro 4 i7 has better performance than the i5. So if you need tablet PC with better performance, you should choose the i7.

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Samsung Galaxy S22: The Rumors About Samsungs Next Flagship

So many rumors and speculations are floating about future smartphones. Mainly about Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22. As each flagship phone is improving from the current models. Anyway, the Apple event is coming soon. That way, you will know more about the iPhone 13 and other Apple products such as the iPad Mini 6 and AirPods.

On the other hand, Samsung as their main competitor chooses to work silently in the background. But of course, rumors have been circulating about the improvements that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will have.

While waiting for the official confirmation on the S22. Let’s recap and compare the information on the new phone based on the confirmed rumors. And see how it holds up with the current Galaxy S21.

samsung galaxy s22

Samsung Galaxy S22 speculations and compare

When the first alleged rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 got leaked, a lot of people notice that the handsets don’t change much. However, a recent leak informed that S22 will be smaller and thinner than the current Samsung S21.

To compare, the current S21 is sized at 6.2 inches for the base version. Galaxy S21 plus is at 6.7 inches, and S21 Ultra is at 6.82 inches. The upcoming Galaxy S22 will start at 6.05 inches for the base version. Plus is at 6.5 inches, and S22 Ultra will stay the same at 6.82 inches.

This is against their trend. Samsung is known to keep enlarging its phones ever since Galaxy S10. And this reverse take on the dimension may affect the battery capacity as the phone may house a smaller battery.

There might be a Camera upgrade

At the moment, fans are divided between expecting a large megapixel camera, with those who want better software. Mind you, there was an alleged render that shows Samsung S22 has a 200MP camera. And there’s also news about Samsung’s partnership with AMD and Olympus.

galaxy s22 camera

The latest leak confirmed that Samsung will refine the 108MP sensor on the current S21 Ultra and put it on the new S22. It is still unclear what kind of camera that Samsung will put on the  S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra. Not to mention the options for selfie camera design.

A Possible Bump in Processor

Ever since Qualcomm released their new Snapdragon 888 plus not too long ago, many speculations about Samsung working on it. One rumor even believed that Samsung is the only one to be working on having the latest Snapdragon in their smartphones.

And don’t forget that Samsung has a partnership with AMD. This brings a lot of Samsung fans to hope for an AMD GPU for a graphic boost. The power of both Snapdragon and AMD-powered GPU will make the Samsung Galaxy S22 set a new standard of flagship phone graphic prowess.

Before you start to worry about the battery performance. You need to remember that Samsung has LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide). This technology allows the screen to change the screen refresh rate dynamically, without any other hardware. That way, switching from gaming to work to idle won’t use up a lot of battery. Samsung said that LTPO can save up to 16% battery usage. However, the rumor said that LTPO will only be available for S22 Ultra.

New Battery and Charging power

Since the phone will be smaller in dimension, many analysts are speculating that S22 will be packing a similar or perhaps battery than the S21 series. However, S22 will be supported by 65w fast charging. A significant improvement compared to the 25w fast charge that the current S21 is packing.

galaxy s22 65w fast charging

One thing for sure is that the S22 won’t have a charger and headphones included in the box. As Samsung has confirmed when they released S21 back then. Their future smartphone releases won’t have chargers and headphones included, and each accessory is sold separately.

It’s important to take note that the pricing scheme for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 may not be much different than the S21. The basic version is started at $799. There is a chance that it will be lower, depending on the final specs.

It will be interesting to watch how Samsung Galaxy S22 holds the competition with iPhone 13 that will be unveiled soon. As you know, the Apple event is in September, while any official news on Samsung Galaxy S22 series still has to wait until 2022.

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How to Reset Laptop to Factory Settings Easily and Quickly

Did you find your laptop is not running well? So, it may be your laptop has some problems, especially in the setting of the Windows. When this trouble comes to you, then you need to reset the Windows on your laptop. Well, here are some guides to reset laptop to factory settings in both Windows 7 and 10.

reset laptop to factory settings

The steps to reset laptop to factory settings

When your laptop are working slowly, then one thing you must to do is speeding up the Windows. But, if the trouble is not only on the Windows, you have to do a full reset in order to make it clear. Here are the steps how to reset laptop to factory settings for Windows 7 and 10.

  • The steps how to factory reset your laptop for Windows 10

Actually, compare to the other Windows, the processes on the Windows 10 is really easy. The first thing you have to do is open the “Start Menu” and choose the “Settings” menu. After that, please type “reset” in the search bar and then select “Reset this PC” that is located on the left when the result of it appears.

Then, you can start to click “Get Started” to begin the process. The menu is located under the menu of “recovery” of the “Updates & Security”. Through this step, you can choose the option of “keeping the files or doing a full reset”. Finally, the process of the factory reset is finished.

  • The steps to factory your Laptop for Windows 7

Compared to the previous steps, the step how to factory on the Laptop for Windows 7 is simpler. First, you have to start up or do a reboot on your Laptop. After that, you have to click on the appropriate F key during the process of the reboot.

Then, there will be the small windows of opportunity to strike the key. So, you do not need to worry if it takes the process a few attempts. After that, you just need to follow the instructions that appear on your screen and it will confirm the process. Then, just wait for 30 minutes until the process is done.

Both of the ways how to reset laptop to factory settings are the best. You just can do it in simplest steps.

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How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 Without Password in a Simple Ways

It is essential for you to know how to factory reset iPhone 13 without password when you need to it. You will need to do it for several reasons. Probably you will need to do it because there is a severe problem. Some tough problem on iPhone solution is through a factory reset. To avoid serious mistakes when you do so, you should read the iPhone 13 user guide for beginners.

To do this factory reset, you should be aware of few things. One of the important things, before you do it, is to make sure that you already backed up your data. Preferably you back it up via iTunes. You can do it even whether you already set the password or not. So, if you already set the password but forgot it, you can still make this.

factory reset iphone 13

Below is the information for you to do the factory reset. But please note that this procedure is for those who already back up the data through the iTunes.

steps to factory reset iPhone 13 without password

If you haven’t back up your data, you should do it first from the Backup menu. You will find the Backup menu on the Settings menu. If you have done with it, you can move to the critical step of doing a factory reset.

The first step to answering the question how to factory reset iPhone 13 without password with iTunes is connecting it. To do it, connect your device to the computer that you use to sync it. After that, open your iTunes. If it asks you to use the passcode, you have two choices to resolve it. The first choice is to use another computer that you use to sync too. The second option is to use the recovery mode.

restore iphone 13 from itunes

After that, wait for the iTunes until it successfully makes a backup plan for you. If you see the dialogue that said it’s already finished, click the menu Restore [name device]. If your device’s name is iPhone 13, it will appear as Restore iPhone 13.

Once you reach the Set Up screen menu while you do this, tap the menu Restore from iTunes Backup. After that, select your iTunes device and review the date that appears there. Pick the most relevant time and size of the iPhone.


And you are done with it. Please remember that by doing this factory reset, you will also lose your password. Not only the password but also the data inside the device is as a whole. It is why there is a backup point on this explanation of how to factory reset iPhone 13 without a password.

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Reset Router Password: The Different Methods to Try

Have you ever forget about your router password? It is possible for you if you forget it. To reset your router password, you are allowed to reset it to the factory default setting, then you have to know that reset your router password can be done by 2 kinds of methods. One of them is the ways of how to reset router password netgear.

reset router password

How to reset router password using netgear

The first method that you can apply to reset your router password is by using Netgear. There are 4 instructions that you have to do in this method. What are they? Here are the instructions.

  1. Turn on the Netgear

The first instruction is turning on the Netgear. You can do it by pressing the Power button on it. The router will reboot, so wait for it for one minute.

  1. Locate the Restore Factory Settings

Then, the second instruction is locating the button of Restore Factory Settings on the router. Actually, it is located enclosed in a red circle and labeled.

  1. Press the Restore Factory Settings

After that, what can you do then? Yea, you are suggested to press and hold the button of Restore Factory Settings. Please do it for about seven seconds! To press it, you are allowed to use a small and thin object like the end of a pen or a paperclip.

  1. Release the button

What does it mean? This last step requires you to release the button when the Power light starts blinking. So, you may let the router to restart entirely. In this step, you need to know that the router password will be reset when the light of Power stops blinking. Besides, it will also turn into solid green or white. Therefore, the new default router password is the password.

The tips to resetting your password using Linksys

Then, what about this second method? It will provide 4 main tips that you have to apply. To know it more, please give your best attention!

  1. Locate the Reset button

You can locate the button of reset on the Linksys router. Where can you find that button? Actually, it is such a small and circular button. It can be found on the back of the router and labeled in red ink.

  1. Verify the router

It means that you have to verify that the router is powered on. So, you can press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds.

  1. Disconnect the router

Here, you need to disconnect and even reconnect the router to the power source. You may do it after the completing reset.

  1. Wait for the Power LED 

In this last tricks, it is suggested for you to wait for the Power LED to remain in the solid-state. Commonly, it will need about one minute after you have reconnected the router.

By learning both methods to reset your router password, hopefully, you can apply it well. Just choose one method!

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