How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 Without Password in a Simple Ways

It is essential for you to know how to factory reset iPhone 13 without password when you need to it. You will need to do it for several reasons. Probably you will need to do it because there is a severe problem. Some tough problem on iPhone solution is through a factory reset. To avoid serious mistakes when you do so, you should read the iPhone 13 user guide for beginners.

To do this factory reset, you should be aware of few things. One of the important things, before you do it, is to make sure that you already backed up your data. Preferably you back it up via iTunes. You can do it even whether you already set the password or not. So, if you already set the password but forgot it, you can still make this.

factory reset iphone 13

Below is the information for you to do the factory reset. But please note that this procedure is for those who already back up the data through the iTunes.

steps to factory reset iPhone 13 without password

If you haven’t back up your data, you should do it first from the Backup menu. You will find the Backup menu on the Settings menu. If you have done with it, you can move to the critical step of doing a factory reset.

The first step to answering the question how to factory reset iPhone 13 without password with iTunes is connecting it. To do it, connect your device to the computer that you use to sync it. After that, open your iTunes. If it asks you to use the passcode, you have two choices to resolve it. The first choice is to use another computer that you use to sync too. The second option is to use the recovery mode.

restore iphone 13 from itunes

After that, wait for the iTunes until it successfully makes a backup plan for you. If you see the dialogue that said it’s already finished, click the menu Restore [name device]. If your device’s name is iPhone 13, it will appear as Restore iPhone 13.

Once you reach the Set Up screen menu while you do this, tap the menu Restore from iTunes Backup. After that, select your iTunes device and review the date that appears there. Pick the most relevant time and size of the iPhone.


And you are done with it. Please remember that by doing this factory reset, you will also lose your password. Not only the password but also the data inside the device is as a whole. It is why there is a backup point on this explanation of how to factory reset iPhone 13 without a password.

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